About Us

Cardinal Corporation was founded in 2006 to explore the vision of its shareholders who recognized a shortage of high quality housing development in the country, as well as a land investment opportunity next to the Airport. This land was later to become Arlington Estate, Cardinal Corporation's flagship project.

Who we are

Cardinal Corporation is a Zimbabwean property development organisation that consists of an accomplished team of experienced professionals with over 150 years of collective experience in senior management roles. Our small and capable team is quick to adapt to the complex and diversified needs of investors ranging from individuals looking for residential stands to large corporates seeking land and build solutions. Our team has proven industry expertise and commitment to service, that is second to none.

Our broad portfolio of services includes land acquisition, building construction (residential, industrial and commercial), project management and appropriate financial solutions.

Our Ambition

It is our stated ambition:

  • To be the largest property development company in Zimbabwe in all aspects of property development and management thereof,
  • To achieve equal or better than regional performance benchmarks in every indicator.
  • To offer a compelling value proposition to our clients by providing the most professional, informative, transparent and dedicated service in the country.

Our Core Values

  • Our customers are our business
  • To always act with integrity
  • We value our people
  • We invest in our society
  • We believe in teamwork
  • We are obsessed with quality and executional excellence

What we believe

  • Local Knowledge can only be gained by living it
  • Our Products are designed to meet client needs
  • A Product for every purchaser
  • Product Diversity creates an advanced skill set
  • Each Skill set must add value to the final product
  • Our Service is measured against regional benchmarks
  • Curiosity leads to differentiation and constant improvement
  • We are only as satisfied as our least satisfied customer
  • Alone we are good together we are great

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