What we do

Acquire and Own Land

Cardinal Corporation owns or co-owns 6 land projects in Zimbabwe currently, all located within 25 km of the capital city of Harare. 

To deliver on our mantra; ‘A product for every purchaser’, Cardinal Corporation supplies the full range of customer property needs, from high to low density stands, cluster and luxury housing, as well as commercial and industrial land.
The Group actively seeks innovative ways to build its land bank with a goal of managing over 1,000 saleable Hectares before the year 2020.
Cardinal Corporation will only develop land that is deemed to represent a compelling and safe value proposition according to our in-depth market research analysis. Land acquisition and deal structuring can take several forms:

  • Outright acquisition
  • Joint Ventures
  • Consultancy partnerships

Develop and Sell Land

We work closely with outsourced contractors to develop all of the civil works for the designed projects..

Civil works include road formation and development, water and electricity reticulation, water provision and storage and storm water drainage. Outsourced contractors work to achieve Engineering approval, an integral part of receiving building compliance, whilst maintaining the development standards that have made us so popular in the market.

All Sales and Marketing operations are done in-house with our experienced marketing team. By keeping these channels in-house, our sales team have gained a greater product understanding, and have been able to maintain strong client relations during the sales process from point of sale to transfer of title.

Construct Buildings

Cardinal Corporation works with outsourced contractors to build properties that align seamlessly with purchaser’s needs and ambitions. One of the most notable builds to date is the Arlington Estate Show House which helped customers visualize their dream home, and which received critical acclaim from Zimbabwe’s Home and Style magazine in 2015.


Another of our prominent developments within Harare is the Arkenstone Villas, located in Harare’s most sought after housing development, Borrowdale Brooke.  Located atop the tallest hilltop with magnificent panoramic views, the villas are highly aspirational and seen as a trophy purchase to a fast growing premium market.

Own Buildings

An identified area of future potential growth is Commercial and Retail Development within each of our projects. Cardinal Corporation will look to own commercial buildings as well as initiate Joint Ventures with third parties.

The most exciting commercial opportunity currently on the table is the Arlington Estate Phase 9 Retail Centre, situated along Seke Road’s dual highway. The 9 Hectare piece of land has the potential to revolutionize the shopping convenience for all Chitungwiza residents commuting to Harare daily, as well as the large catchment area spanning Logan Park, Waterfalls, and Sunningdale.

Offer Property Management Services

Cardinal Corporation consists of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions holding over 100 years of management experience. This wealth of experience and bespoke property knowledge filters through all channels including finance, administration, sales and marketing and each function can be outsourced to clients.

Project Manage Developments

In instances where private investors are seeking a collaborative joint venture, Cardinal Corporation has successfully undertaken several of these initiatives. Every aspect of the project will be overseen by us, with each paint brush stroke taken by Cardinal Corporation defining the overall picture.

Offer funding solutions to our Customers

Focusing on our diverse target market and in uncertain economic times, we have identified funding solutions as a key tool in the value proposition offered to clients. Negotiations for credit lines have allowed us to extend up to 5 years tenure for our products.

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