Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR Philosophy


Guiding philosophy on how we work with our community

“Strong communities thrive in a healthy environment” this is the cornerstone of our guiding philosophy. At Cardinal Corporation we put community needs at the centre of our urban developments, using innovation and integrity to provide exceptional products and services which nurture the environment and foster active and productive lifestyles. We are committed to making a positive difference in the way property is developed considering the needs and wants of today and how to ensure a sustainable way of life for tomorrow. We choose innovation over conformity, flexibility over caution and action over discourse. We believe in creating opportunities that generate greater value for the community because strong communities are the foundation of a strong nation.


Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

At Cardinal Corporation our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter is a voluntary set of principles to which our organization adheres. Our decision to behave responsibly in all our corporate actions reinforces our commitment to make a positive impact on society through sound choices, best practices and consistent uplifting contribution to the economy, the environment and the community. By setting a high standard for responsible behaviour we aspire to attract and develop urban communities that will lead the way in advancing our society to be pro-active, fair and forward thinking.

The three pillars of our CSR charter are:

Ethics and Employment

Our company Code of Conduct mandates that we conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We strive to act as a responsible corporate citizen promoting transparency and accountability engaging in constructive dialogue and actions with stakeholders from the public and private sector. Trust and reliability are key to all our relationships with partners, clients and customers and within our team. We abide by fair employment practices respecting the value of all our employees by observing the fundamental principles of safety, human rights and non-discriminatory practices in the workplace. We create an employment environment that is enabling and empowering through equal opportunities, fair compensation and professional training and development for our team.

Environment and well-being

We consider every aspect of the physical environment in our design and implementation of projects. We protect, restore and enhance the water, soil, air, and flora and fauna to the best of our ability in all our developments. We make informed decisions on sound environmental practices in term of land use with minimal disruption to natural surroundings, use of innovative technology to harness the full potential of the elements and developing long term strategies to ensure sustainable resource use. We embrace the use of renewable energy technologies and continue to research and include the most efficient and effective ways to tread lightly on our planet. We make informed choices about reducing any negative impact and improving the quality of the environment. We actively promote the combination of outdoor recreation, play and exercise to access and maintain a healthy lifestyle that fosters overall well-being.


We respect the interests of all the members of the communities in which we work. We recognize the needs of the community through giving support in areas where our expertise can best be put to use, such as the provision of educational, cultural and sporting facilities, building strong working relationships with local authorities and community leaders, and resolving conflict through discourse and understanding. When evaluating project development opportunities, we consider how we can bring people together, increase opportunities for wholesome community interaction and cater to the lifestyle needs of healthy and active communities .


CSR Policy

Our strategy for being a socially responsible organization is to incorporate the pillars of the CSR charter into our way of working and into all of our developments. Where we identify needs or concerns that can be met using our expertise, we will endeavour to provide support and solutions for the greater good.

  1. Ethics and Employment
    1. Apply all laws, rules and regulations to business conduct
    2. Maintain professionalism and respect in all work relationships.
    3. Fair recruitment and dismissal procedures.
    4. Safe working conditions.
    5. Reasonable working hours and fair compensation.
    6. Transparent methods of work through audited accounting and internal monitoring systems.
  2.  Environment and well-being
    1. Use holistic and integrated environmental management systems.
    2. Limit disturbance to natural ecosystems taking care to allow key functions of nature to continue (water courses, wetlands, natural forest etc.)
    3. Use long term sustainable solutions in water and sanitation provision, household energy provision, power provision, refuse and waste management.
    4. Integrate use of and access to renewable energy sources where feasible.
    5. Protect and increase coverage of plants and trees.
    6. Include pollution preventive measures in design and implementation of projects.
    7. Allocate sufficient space for outdoor exercise and play areas.
    8. Encourage activities for healthy living through providing facilities / equipment.
    9. Enable mobility in urban developments through careful planning (for pedestrians, cyclists,
    10. Physically challenged and public transport).
  3. Community
    1. Listen carefully to community concerns by incorporating effective communication and feedback mechanisms.
    2. Respond with information that is accurate, appropriate and timely.
    3. Design and install facilities and services that serve greater community needs.
    4. Practice inclusive participation in community relations and support platforms for dialogue.
    5. Identify and address specific community issues through planned intervention.
    6. Support educational, sporting and cultural development in and for our project communities.
    7. Working with community members to implement our CSR strategy.

Our CSR does not support the work of others in their field of social affairs through financing of external projects or operations. Funds allocated to our CSR policy are integrated into carrying out direct interventions and installations that improve the consequences of our actions.

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